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Deepfake begins to be endorsed by US repeated hate porn laws

Now, the first U.S. state has considered a virtual composite image called Deepfakes in its law to prevent pornographic retaliation.

In Virginia, posting private photos or videos of former partners can save you up to 12 months in prison and a $ 2500 fine. Now, if you’re doing nasty Photoshop montages or worse, a video called Deepfake will expose the victim’s face to the body-maybe even fooling around-which will be the same trouble. In fact, the eastern United States, which borders the capital Washington, has actually modified its pornographic revenge law (pornographic content in French), regardless of whether the content is “false video or (false) still images.”

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By using powerful image analysis and reconstruction tools, deepfake can paste the face of an ex-girlfriend on a porn actress with full performance (women are usually the target of this prank), instead of creating a virtual Barack Obama (Barak Obama) recites a fascist speech. After Texas attacked the manipulation of the election’s underlying content, the legislature is now protecting the private sector.

As content becomes more realistic and tools become more popular and their performance accelerates, the first step should quickly expand.