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They created a larger illegal streaming site than Netflix and Prime Video combined

The two iStreamItAll administrators pleaded guilty after seeing their site dismantled by the US courts. They had also helped other pirate services in the country.

Larger hacking service than Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu bundles. This is what American federal justice has just ended. The two creators of the iStreamItAll site pleaded guilty last December 13. The service provided access to 118,000 series episodes and 11,000 films. No legal SVOD subscription offers so much content.

Darryl Polo, 36, and Luis Villarino, 40, are now facing charges of money laundering and copyright infringement, the justice ministry said. Their activity would have cost claimants millions of dollars.

Links to two other major illegal sites

According to Darryl Polo, the content itself came from other pirate sites and torrents. He used a computer program he developed to scan all of the world’s pirate sites for content. He downloaded films and series, processed them and stored them on servers in Canada.

The same Darryl Polo is also said to have made more than a million dollars by offering his services to the indexing site SmackDownOnYou. He and Villarino also used their skills to help operate another illegal site, Jetflicks, this time based in Las Vegas. Six other men are also charged in the Jetflicks case. The two cronies will be tried in federal court in Virginia in March 2020.