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Quantity, progress and cost: Netflix first released all information about subscribers

The company was forced to detail its subscriber distribution on the American Stock Exchange. As a result, we have found where in the world the service is growing the fastest.

Netflix says almost everything about subscribers. For the first time, the number of SVOD services in the United States is detailed by market. So far, companies led by Reed Hastings have never risked doing so. Eventually, Netflix was forced to do so in legal documents provided to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Although the United States and Canada remain the largest service markets, with 67.1 million subscribers, they have the weakest growth momentum. Compared to the third quarter of last year, subscriptions have only increased by 6.5%. However, this is the region where subscribers spend the most, spending an average of $ 12.36 per person.

Least Expensive South American

There is no doubt that the second market is EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). This is the area favored by the US market services department, with no less than 47.4 million users. It is also one of the most dynamic companies, growing 40% in a year. However, subscribers are insignificant than Americans, spending an average of $ 10.26 per month.

Latin America is the third largest market for Netflix, with 29.4 million subscribers, a 22% increase over the same period last year. The average customer spends only $ 8.63 per month.

The most dynamic Asia-Pacific region

Finally, the Asia-Pacific region is the smallest region with only 14.5 million subscribers but the most active. Here, Netflix’s subscribers increased by 53% in one year, and monthly spending was $ 9.31.

If Netflix didn’t want to reveal them until now, these numbers suggest that the SVOD service has taken the lead globally compared to its current competitors (Apple TV +) or future (Disney +).

For example, in 2015, Netflix launched simultaneously in 130 countries, while Disney + is currently only available in 5 countries. Only Apple has taken the risk of launching its service globally, but its catalog is unparalleled and limited to ten types of content.

Netflix, the great champion of the US stock market over the past decade

Netflix’s titles have grown by 4,000%, the largest increase among the Fortune 500 companies. It surpasses all other giants in the field of technology.

When investors reward innovation. Netflix is ​​a pioneer and leader in the SVOD market, with its business growing by 4,000% over a decade. None of the companies in the S & P 500 (the 500 largest companies listed in the US) performed better.

Netflix is ​​even far ahead of all other companies, and the second fastest growing company is MarketAxess Holdings, which accounts for 2600%. But it is evolving in the financial sector, which has become accustomed to this performance.

House of Cards Detonator

By comparison, the stocks of companies comparable to Netflix in the services and communications industry jumped about 60%, while the combined S & P 500 index rose 190% over the same period. It looks like the term “outperform” was coined for Los Gatos.

Netflix Stock market

Even stock market champions Apple, Amazon and Disney performed even worse, rising 862%, 1,289% and 251%, respectively. As Bloomberg pointed out, it’s surprising that this boom started with the release of House of Cards in 2013. The series is indeed the first major production produced by Netflix.

She shows that the company is not only a SVOD service, but also a true content creator. So far, film heavyweights like Martin Scorcese, Alfonso Cuarón or Michael Bay are now making films for the platform.

+ 166 million subscribers

Of course, the service has fulfilled its customer recruitment commitments, from 45 million subscribers in 2013 to 166 million subscribers in the third quarter of 2019.

Still, 2020 will be the year when Netflix faces all risks. The game looks tough. If we also consider services available only in the United States, it will have to face Peacock (NBC Universal), HBO Max, Apple TV + and especially Disney +, which will be launched globally. One year.


They created a larger illegal streaming site than Netflix and Prime Video combined

The two iStreamItAll administrators pleaded guilty after seeing their site dismantled by the US courts. They had also helped other pirate services in the country.

Larger hacking service than Netflix, Prime Video and Hulu bundles. This is what American federal justice has just ended. The two creators of the iStreamItAll site pleaded guilty last December 13. The service provided access to 118,000 series episodes and 11,000 films. No legal SVOD subscription offers so much content.

Darryl Polo, 36, and Luis Villarino, 40, are now facing charges of money laundering and copyright infringement, the justice ministry said. Their activity would have cost claimants millions of dollars.

Links to two other major illegal sites

According to Darryl Polo, the content itself came from other pirate sites and torrents. He used a computer program he developed to scan all of the world’s pirate sites for content. He downloaded films and series, processed them and stored them on servers in Canada.

The same Darryl Polo is also said to have made more than a million dollars by offering his services to the indexing site SmackDownOnYou. He and Villarino also used their skills to help operate another illegal site, Jetflicks, this time based in Las Vegas. Six other men are also charged in the Jetflicks case. The two cronies will be tried in federal court in Virginia in March 2020.


What are the ten most downloaded applications in the past decade?

Between 2010 and 2019, the ten most downloaded apps were primarily communications related, while Netflix and Tinder were the two most used apps in the world. Find the top ten.

AppAnnie, a research company specializing in mobile behavior, first released the world rankings of the top ten apps downloaded in ten years.

Facebook group on the podium

One of the salient features of this study: 7 of the 10 apps are communications apps, of which the first three are Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. Instagram ranks fourth. Therefore, the four most downloaded apps in the world since 2010 belong to Mark Zuckerberg. Witness its amazing achievements among young people: the recent TikTok app has risen directly to seventh place, second only to the long-established Skype.


The ten most commonly used applications in the world are …
At the same time, the company categorized the ten applications where users spend the most time. Not surprisingly, video or music streaming applications top the list. Netflix is the most time-consuming application, followed by Pandora Music and Tencent Video, ranking third. This also illustrates our mobile habits: Tinder is the second application that users spend the most time on.

+ 15% of app usage per year

The mobile support market is booming. According to AppAnnie, downloads grow by 5% per year, and time spent on mobile devices grows by 15%. Basic trends cannot change.