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5 Robots to learn Coding

Learning programming with robots is more fun. This is our choice of five models for different age groups.

Providing a robot for programming is very expensive. Count 100 euros first. And don’t think this is reserved for children. This year, new products have appeared in the entire family.

Ozobot: The easiest

This robot allows you to learn coding from the age of six or less, as it is not absolutely necessary to know how to read and use it. The starter pack includes a robot with accessories including code sheets, markers, sticker boards and activities. The child just needs to draw a color code or paste a sticker to send the information to the robot that will be placed above the sheets. Equipped with sensors that can recognize lines and colors. Then it will go forward, back, turn, slow down or accelerate. Simple and efficient.

Price: 80 Euro

Thymio 2: most educational

Thymio is already in use at the school and it was developed in collaboration with the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne and the Lausanne Academy of Arts. Equipped with a large number of sensors, actuators and LEDs, it can be programmed through Aseba Studio. It is open source and can also be used with Lego and controlled by Scratch software. Thymio already offers many educational activities online, such as calculations and geometry exercises.

Price 139 Euro

Blink: the cutest

He is the latest member on the list. After successfully completing the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, he came to this Christmas with a label made in France and sponsorship from Ecole Polytechnique. Suitable for children from 5 to 12 years. Since it is provided separately, all sensors must be assembled and read first. Then use it from an application that allows you to write games using different modes depending on the complexity. So Winky can be turned into an alarm clock. Once the program is created, the child can interact directly with the robot without going through the application. Special attention was paid to the two ears with activation function, low noise and accessories for changing the appearance.

Price: 200 Euro

RoboMaster S1: suitable for older children

Don’t make any mistakes. This so-called “educational” robot can be used by adolescents, but is best assisted by older robots. It is also the ideal toy for adults. Because you must at least master the Scratch programming language now taught at French universities. More ambitious people can also write code in Python. The RoboMaster Lab programming interface is accessible from any screen. The robot looks like a tank, has four wheels and a turret, and can face other players. It is equipped with sensors, capable of drawing environmental maps, identifying and tracking individuals, moving in all directions and even projecting rubber balls into ammunition. Obviously, all of this comes at a price. The RoboMaster S1 actually costs 550 Euros, which does not include accessories sold as a kit, such as “Play More”, which costs 170 Euros, including the controller, battery and projectiles.

Price: 550 Euros

Sphero RVR: Suitable for most DIY enthusiasts

The latest member of the Sphero brand is aimed at students, scientists and anyone who wants to tinker. It is not distributed directly in France, but can be purchased in US dollars on the official website or Amazon.com. It has been a huge success on crowdfunding website Kickstarter. This very simple rover is controlled by the Sphero Edu app and can be programmed from iOS or Android. Its interest lies in its excellent modularity, as third-party components and accessories can be added by connecting a Rasperry Pi or Arduino to the upper platform of the machine.

Price 227 Euro