They trick companies by simulating CEO voices with AI

Scammers mimic the CEO’s voice with deep-fake. Almost perfect scam.

A British energy company has been the victim of an unprecedented and complex variant of the “Presidential Scam.” Keep in mind that this scam involves impersonating the head of the company and prompting an emergency transfer to a mob-controlled bank account. In this case, the scammer relied on artificial intelligence systems to perform a nearly perfect simulation of the voice of the German parent company’s CEO, which was disclosed by the Wall Street Journal and relayed by Gizmodo. In the field of artificial intelligence, this simulation is also called “deep forgery”.

The victim was questioned by the insurance company Euler Hermes, who explained that the artificial voice mimicked not only his boss’s German accent, but his voice. Needless to say, the poor man nodded immediately and ordered the transfer of 220,000 euros to a bank account in Hungary within an hour. The giants were then transferred to Mexico and then to other unknown destinations. Euler Hermes said this was the first time he had encountered an artificial intelligence-based scam. May not be the last.

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